Cinnamon Rolls

Are you a breakfast person? I have been very into breakfast lately and these cinnamon rolls are my newest obsession. They are made with sweetened two ingredient dough, which adds some protein into your morning routine. Then they are drizzled with my zero point icing. A truly amazing experience for a lot less points and…

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Homemade Tomato Sauce

One of my most useful dishes is my homemade tomato sauce. It’s an amazing replacement for sauce on pizza, in pasta or as a dipping sauce! Why do I love it so much? It tastes fantastic and is zero points. It’s the best way to reduce your daily points while still enjoying all the foods…

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Copycat Chick-fil-A Sauce

You know it, you love it, but it’s WAY too high in points and calories. That’s okay though, because I have a recipe to recreate it for zero points! And yes, it really does taste like the real thing. I’ll link my other copycat Chick-fil-A dishes under the recipe! makes about 5 tablespoons of sauce

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