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Oh Target, what can I possibly not say about Target. There is literally no better place on the entire planet than a Target. Prove me wrong, try it. They have always been top notch but lately they have STEPPED UP their game!! We will only talk about food here but they have the best clothes,…

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Literally where shopping is a pleasure. There is nothing like Publix, sorry westerners, northerners, basically everyone not in or around Florida. Publix is the ultimate grocery store and you cannot deny that. I am so obsessed with Publix that I moved in right next door to them! (It was the only room available haha). There…

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Trader Joe’s

I have been loving Trader’s so much lately! It is a little bit of a drive, well only 15 minutes but I literally live on top of another grocery store so any drive is a lot, but really worth it. Here is where I will go over all my must haves for Trader Joes. I…

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