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Oh hey, that’s me!

Allie Carte

Hey, I’m Allie! I am a 20-something-year-old, born and raised in Florida. I have the cutest little malshi named Macy, she is my pride and joy and the best clean-up crew around. You know her as the assistant.

I got married in 2020 (but don’t worry, I will always be Allie Carte), he is usually my sous-chef and recipe tester.

And I love creating new recipes and taking photos of it!

I started WW back in early 2019 and really wanted to continue eating what I was used to eating. I started experimenting with different recipes and kept creating such amazing dishes. My friends and family asked for my recipes ALL the time which is where my Allie Carte Dishes started! A place to get THE BEST recipes. It was easy for me to put all my recipes in one place where everyone could get them. I never imagined that Allie Carte Dishes would be what it is today. It brings me such joy when people remake my recipes and absolutely love them!

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