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Pumpkin Protein Bread

Fall means pumpkin spice! This pumpkin protein bread has been my daily breakfast! It is packed with protein and keeps me full until lunch! Plus, it is only one point per slice! The brown sugar swirl on top really hits the spot too. I really can’t believe how delicious and moist this is! A must…

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Baked French Toast Strips

Super easy breakfast idea! Do you love french toast (as much as I do) but hate how long it takes to make? Because I sure do! Here we have it: BAKED FRENCH TOAST STRIPS! You can make so much at once and they all come out perfectly. Great for family brunch or meal prep. Freezer…

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Immunity Protein Smoothie

Start your day with vitamins, herbs and minerals with built immune plus! It provides an incredibly strong defense for your immune system, which we all need right now. The flavors are absolutely insane and include options such as root beer float (how cool?!). I chose pomegranate green apple today for some added fruity flavors in…

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Jello Candied Grapes

I love having really good healthy alternatives to snack on. It makes it even better when the snack looks this pretty. Total holiday, snowball vibes, am I right!? These jello candied grapes are so good, especially frozen. We used them in our charcuterie board and they made the perfect addition! makes 48 grapes; 6 per…

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Pumpkin Pie Cream Cheese

It’s November. Which means it’s prime pumpkin season. And it cannot be pumpkin season without my PUMPKIN PIE CREAM CHEESE. I have made this for so many people and they are completely obsessed. It can be used on bagels as a spread or used as a dip! about 1/4 cup servings

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Serious question: are donuts considered a breakfast food or dessert. I am ALL about eating these for breakfast, especially since they are only TWO POINTS each. If anyone said you can’t have donuts on WW, they are SO WRONG! I always top them off with my zero point glazing and make a delicious and filling…

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Berry Bark

Berry bark is the perfect summer treat (which is all year long in Florida). Perfect for breakfast, snacking or dessert! Berry bark is completely customizable. You can use any fruit you would like! I also suggest topping it with chocolate chips, coconut flakes or crushed up graham crackers.

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Breakfast Bagels

A two point bagel in the morning!? Count me in! I have been living off these bagels in the morning. I make mine a bit smaller than most people. Which just allows me more points for the rest of my day! The bagels really fill me up and satisfy my bagel cravings. Some of my…

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