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Creamy Fajita Pasta

Y’all. This creamy fajita pasta was so good, so filling and so easy to make. This was absolutely jammed packed with veggies and protein. Three different veggies and two different proteins, plus a little bit of carbs. The best easy dinner or meal prep. Creamy and delicious! I used the original Rotel for this, but…

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Birria Tacos

Have you heard of Birria Tacos??? They have been all over TikTok and I have just been needing to try them! The flavors of these tacos are UNREAL, so worth the extra effort to create these. Grab your fork and knife, it’s going to get messy! 3 per serving

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Mexican Street Corn Chicken

Street corn has been all over the internet lately but I wanted to make a lower point, high protein version. So here we have it, MEXICAN STREET CORN CHICKEN! All the flavors of the classic street corn on a stick, but this time, its on a piece of chicken. It’ll fill you up and taste…

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Taco Ground Chicken

I haven’t had classic taco meat in a really long time. Ground chicken taco meat is very easy to make, yet is so flavorful and delicious! I had three tacos, served in street corn tortillas (1 pt each). I topped them off with some of my homemade salsa and corn salsa (corn, red onion, cilantro,…

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Instant Pot Pork Carnitas

I tried Chipotle carnitas a couple weeks ago and I have been CRAVING them ever since. I decided to make my own, in the Instant Pot, and I have to say, I think I really nailed it. Chipotle has some competition. These pork carnitas were perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. They shred apart in such…

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Skinny Zero-Point Salsa

Introducing my newest obsession: my skinny zero-point salsa. Better and healthier than your average Mexican restaurant with even better taste! I’m not lying when I say this stuff packs a punch! It’s great paired with chips or veggies, but watch out, you may become addicted as well!!  Make it spicer with more jalapeño! Or more…

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Perfect Instant Pot Rice

Here we have it, the perfect Instant Pot Rice! I have been experimenting for weeks trying to get my rice to have the perfect texture in an Instapot and I finally nailed it. I am extremely picky when it comes to how my rice is cooked and I am finally pleased with how it turned…

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This is the perfect sauce for anything taco related! Great for dipping, topping off tacos or rice bowls. Use mild, medium or hot salsa depending on what you like. This crema is amazing on my mini fried quesadillas

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Taco Mac and Cheese

My two favorite meals are combined into one amazing dish! TACO MAC AND CHEESE has every flavor you love, in a rich and creamy dish guaranteed to make the whole family smile. A great way to enjoy mac and cheese while getting in some protein to keep you full. Recipe Notes: Be sure to use…

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