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Bacon Smash Cheeseburgers

Stepping up the burger game with BACON SMASH CHEESEBURGERS!!! Ahhh!! Seriously, I mean look at these! Double patties, double cheese, topped with bacon… omgggg. I’m not even kidding, my husband and I make these every other week, if not every week. Perfect on the blackstone too!

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Bacon Burger Mac and Cheese

You know it, and boy do you LOVE IT, and now it has stepped up a notch, it’s my BACON BURGER MAC AND CHEESE!! This has become one of my most popular recipes and it’s clear why. It’s packed with protein, rich, creamy and insanely delicious. Bowls, forks and pots are licked CLEAN when this…

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Instapot Beef Stroganoff

I have been wanting to make this dish for a really long time and I think I completely nailed it. It has a rich, gravy–like sauce to it while still keeping that creamy flavor. It has A LOT of meat too, guaranteed to keep you full. Total comfort food. Here is what you will need…

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Copycat Big Mac

I am so loving it! ❤️ This burger was so delicious and it is HUGE. Juicier and tastier (and obviously lower point) than the drive thru. To be honest, this thing was so filling and big I could only eat about half of it. Perfect for leftovers too! 🍔 Included in my recipe is my…

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Smash Burgers

Oh boy do I have an AH-MAZ-ING dish for you today!! I have been VERY much into the burger food lately so I decided to go with a classic… SMASH BURGERS. At least that’s what my fiancé calls them so we go with it. They are super thin patties that you stack up together and…

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Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

My Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers are everything you know and love about to classic dish, without all the added carbs. I make mine with ground beef because ground meet in peppers is amazing! It’s a quick an easy dish for the whole family to enjoy! makes three servings, one full pepper per serving

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