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Boneless Wings

Are boneless wings just chicken nuggets? Nah! Brought the restaurant home with these garlic parmesan boneless wings, or if you prefer, BBQ! So easy and fun to make for an appetizer or dinner. Serve with my zero point ranch, of course. You can make the parmesan garlic ones with store bought Buffalo Wild Wings sauce,…

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Bacon Smash Cheeseburgers

Stepping up the burger game with BACON SMASH CHEESEBURGERS!!! Ahhh!! Seriously, I mean look at these! Double patties, double cheese, topped with bacon… omgggg. I’m not even kidding, my husband and I make these every other week, if not every week. Perfect on the blackstone too!

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Skinny Spinach and Artichoke Dip

You know that restaurant quality, creamy, delicious spinach and artichoke dip. Well I’ve reinvented it and it is so delicious and creamy while being so low in points! Plus, it’s packed with veggies and protein. Served warm with chips or veggies! Sorry guys but I did not measure the final product, I just divided it…

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Hot Wing Dip

HOT WING DIP! But this is the WAY healthier version of it. I could seriously devour this entire thing. I’ve brought it to many tailgates and parties and people love this version more than the normal way! Serve it cold with some chips or vegetables. I usually use rotisserie chicken to make this because it’s…

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Grilled BBQ Chicken Nuggets

Best meal prep alert!! I had the fantastic idea to make my own bbq chicken nuggets and boy these good. I was astonished by how easy they were to make, yet how absolutely tasty they were for lunch all week. Double, triple, quadruple the recipe, make however many servings you need. Next time, I’m going…

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Cajun Boil

My not-so-authentic but so so delicious take on the New Orleans Cajun Boil! This one is made in the Instant Pot and served with lots of chicken. Flavor is not sacrificed in this easy dinner! I find this to be a bit spicy but my husband wants even more spice and will top it off…

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TikTok Pasta Chips

Viral TikTok pasta chips with a WW spin on them! I made these viral pasta chips a little healthier by cutting back some of the oil, using reduced fat cheese and air frying them to perfection. I wanted a garlic parm flavor and it was so good. Make sure you pair it with my zero…

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Broccoli Chicken Pasta

Creamy and delicious, plus a great way to get your veggies in: BROCCOLI CHICKEN PASTA! Packed with protein, topped with veggies and covered in flavor!! Cheesy, rich and absolutely amazing. Easy to make and great for the whole family. Use as much or as little broccoli as you want!

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