Parmesan Truffle Fries

OH MY GOODNESS, I have made the greatest fries in the entire world. I literally cannot stop thinking about them and could eat them all the time! It was so hard not to devour this entire thing before I took a photo. The slight hint of truffle, with the parmesan cheese, absolutely amazing!! I used…

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Tomato Alfredo Pasta

I have been on an Alfredo kick lately and I cannot be stopped. My sister was in town and we were really craving some Alfredo but wanted to use my sun-dried tomatoes. We whipped up this tomato Alfredo pasta and this may be the best sauce I have ever had. I love the creaminess mixed…

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Pumpkin Protein Bread

Fall means pumpkin spice! This pumpkin protein bread has been my daily breakfast! It is packed with protein and keeps me full until lunch! Plus, it is only one point per slice! The brown sugar swirl on top really hits the spot too. I really can’t believe how delicious and moist this is! A must…

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Boneless Wings

Are boneless wings just chicken nuggets? Nah! Brought the restaurant home with these garlic parmesan boneless wings, or if you prefer, BBQ! So easy and fun to make for an appetizer or dinner. Serve with my zero point ranch, of course. You can make the parmesan garlic ones with store bought Buffalo Wild Wings sauce,…

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Bacon Smash Cheeseburgers

Stepping up the burger game with BACON SMASH CHEESEBURGERS!!! Ahhh!! Seriously, I mean look at these! Double patties, double cheese, topped with bacon… omgggg. I’m not even kidding, my husband and I make these every other week, if not every week. Perfect on the blackstone too!

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Frosting Dip

I have the perfect frosting dip when you have a little sweet tooth! It is so delicious and you can make it any flavor that you want. I serve it with a couple pretzels for a salty taste too! Only two ingredients required! You can use any flavor Jello Pudding mix that you prefer. I…

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