Chick-fil-A is my go-to fast food! The one by me is closed for renovations and I am SO SAD. I cannot wait for them to open back up so now Chick-fil-A is just an out-and-about meal instead of a whenever I want meal.

Here is my guide to all things Chick-fil-A

I focused on the nuggets, sandwiches, sides and sauces because those are my favorite and the most popular. Then I threw in a few other items that I recommend.

I absolutely love their grilled nuggets.

I typically get an 8 count grilled nugget with one BBQ sauce. For the life of me, I thought the BBQ sauce was only one point. Maybe it used to be? I have been on WW for a long time now. But anyways, this is 2 points I guess.

My second favorite order would be the classic Chick-fil-A sandwich. 12 points but worth every single one of them and it keeps me full for so long. I really love the grilled version too, but if I have the points, and feel like splurging, I’ll get a fried one.

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