Oh Chipotle. One of my favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat. Everything is completely customizable and the rice is perfection. My only complaint is that they use a bad cut of meat so I only end up eating maybe 2/3 of my meat because I refuse to eat the fatty bites. All in all, I LOVE Chipotle and absolutely love eating there.

Check out my chipotle guide below where I walk you through ordering a meal and adding on some sides.

I recently switched up my Chipotle order, which is huge for me. I literally change anything or try new things, but here I am, recreating (kinda) my whole chipotle order! For some reason, I have been absolutely craving Chipotle so much lately. I love that you have the freedom to create your own bowl and pick the amount of points you want.

Here’s what I got:
White rice (6PTS)
Chicken (3PTS)
Mild salsa (0PTS)
Corn salsa (0PTS)
Lettuce (0PTS)

This is literally just one more point than the bowl shown in my next review. But for this one, I got to ENJOY RICE. I swapped out the cheese, that you don’t really even taste, for some delicious rice. I didn’t even finish a lot of the chicken, so really this bowl was probably just 8 points for me. I used to be against the corn, no clue why, I love corn. I just don’t try new things, as we know. But I LOVE it. It added extra filling to the bowl for no added points and gave it some sweet bites to it. I definitely have my new favorite bowl.

Chipotle launched their new cilantro-lime cauliflower rice and I am in love!! It is 40 calories or 1 WW point per serving as compared to their rice at 6 points per serving. I heard complaints about it being watery but after mixing it in with my double lettuce, it just counteracted the dry lettuce and was perfectly fine. I hardly noticed the different taste / texture, it was like I was eating rice. My only complaint is that it’s TWO DOLLARS extra. Are you kidding me!? Oh well, I will definitely be returning for low points lunches!!

Here’s what I got:
Cauliflower rice (1PT)
Chicken (3PTS)
Salsa (0PTS)
Cheese (4PTS)
Double Lettuce (0PTS)

What do you get!? Will you try the new rice?

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