Literally where shopping is a pleasure.

There is nothing like Publix, sorry westerners, northerners, basically everyone not in or around Florida. Publix is the ultimate grocery store and you cannot deny that.

I am so obsessed with Publix that I moved in right next door to them! (It was the only room available haha).

There is absolutely nothing better than walking into Publix. The atmosphere, the workers, the organization and the overall vibe of the place is just amazing.

I am going to go through my whole guide of what I get from Publix. Some of the things might be Publix brand, which is just generic. I know many of my followers have said they can get similar products at Walmart. Some of the items below are not specific to Publix and are just my everyday grocery essentials.

You don’t have to stick to this list exactly, find your favorite variety or brand. This is just to help you get started.

Butter Flavored Cooking Spray

We found this butter flavored cooking spray recently and OH EM GEE this takes cooking to a whole new level. The Publix brand is way better than all the competitors. It looks like butter, tastes like butter, smells like butter, it is so good. And you cannot argue that butter doesn’t belong on everything. It does.

WW Points per Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 0 πŸ’™: 0 πŸ’œ: 0 βœ”οΈ: 0 calories

Shredded Reduced Fat Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese

Yeah it’s a mouthful but it is amazing! It is 33% less fat than the regular kind and made with 2% milk. It is lower in points than the regular version but still melts the same and tastes the same. You know I use this in SO many recipes.

WW Points per 1/4 cup Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 2 πŸ’™: 2 πŸ’œ: 2 βœ”οΈ: 70 calories

Shredded Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese

It goes along with the last item I mentioned. There’s a time for mozzarella and a time for cheddar. This one is also 33% less fat than regular cheddar, still tastes great and melts great. It is a little higher in points than the mozzarella but only 10 more calories.

WW Points per 1/4 cup Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 3 πŸ’™: 3 πŸ’œ: 3 βœ”οΈ: 80 calories

1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese

Did you know this is called Neufchatel Cheese? I had no idea. This is really 1/3 less fat THAN cream cheese, because I guess it’s Neufchatel. Who knows. Anyways, I love this stuff so much. It is a great way to thicken up sauces while making them creamy. There are so many recipes where I call for this. It tastes and spreads like regular cream cheese too, just for less points. I like how the blocks have measurements on them already for easy cooking.

WW Points per 2 tablespoon Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 3 πŸ’™: 3 πŸ’œ: 3 βœ”οΈ: 70 calories

1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese

Okay same thing as above, again, but this time it’s Philadelphia brand and in a carton. Publix has a ton of different 1/3 less fat cream cheese varieties in these little cartons. I use these more for a breakfast bagel or crackers. The chive and onion is my favorite but there are others.

WW Points per 2 tablespoon Serving:β €

πŸ’š: 3 πŸ’™: 3 πŸ’œ: 3 βœ”οΈ: 70 calories

Ranch Seasoning Mix

Ranch seasoning mix is one of the greatest things! You can make the best zero point ranch dressing/dip from this stuff. We buy the big bottle because we make homemade ranch so much. There are little packets too but I think the big bottle is worth it. Skip the bottle ranch and grab this stuff. You can also use it as seasoning when you are cooking.

WW Points per Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 0 πŸ’™: 0 πŸ’œ: 0 βœ”οΈ: 0 calories

Homemade Healthy Ranch
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Water Enhancer

I don’t really even know what to call this stuff, I have always called it water enhancer. Publix makes the best water enhancers though! This is one of my favorites and tastes so much like sweet tea, but for no points. You just add a couple drops to your water and BAM you have sweet tea. I use some of the other flavors to make a low point alcoholic drink.

WW Points per Serving:β €

πŸ’š: 0 πŸ’™: 0 πŸ’œ: 0 βœ”οΈ: 0 calories

Weight Watchers Drink Hack
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Stok Un-Sweet Cold Brew

Stok is definitely my favorite grocery store coffee. I get a little sad if it is not in stock and mornings are just not the same. The un-sweet one is zero points, just add your own zero point sweetener to it.

WW Points per 14 fl oz Serving:β €

πŸ’š: 0 πŸ’™: 0 πŸ’œ: 0 βœ”οΈ: 18 calories

PB2 Powder

This peanut butter powder has seriously changed me in all the best ways. I have never really been a peanut butter fan, yeah I liked it but I didn’t really care for it. Until now. I could literally eat this all day everyday over a rice cake. They make a chocolate version too that is so good! I just mix mine with almond milk until I get the desired consistency, about 4.5T powder and 3T milk. That will last me all week in the fridge for breakfast.

WW Points per 2 tablespoon Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 1 πŸ’™: 1 πŸ’œ: 1 βœ”οΈ: 60 calories

Quaker Rice Cakes

These have been my go-to breakfast (and dessert) lately. The caramel is my current favorite but all of them are so good. I like them with PB2 or with a laughing cow cheese wedge.

WW Points per Rice Cake:β €β €

Salted/Everything πŸ’š: 1 πŸ’™: 1 πŸ’œ: 1 βœ”οΈ: 35 calories

Chocolate/Caramel πŸ’š: 2 πŸ’™: 2 πŸ’œ: 2 βœ”οΈ: 60 calories

Applegate Products

Applegate has such great products! They have this pepperoni, hot dogs, sausages, patties, burgers and much more. Low in point and super delicious.

WW Points per 1 ounce Serving:β €β €

πŸ’š: 1 πŸ’™: 1 πŸ’œ: 1 βœ”οΈ: 40 calories

What should I try next!?


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