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Instapot Meaty Marinara

Pressure cooker meaty marinara is the perfect recipe. I usually make mine with 99% lean ground turkey but it can be made with pretty much any meat you love! Just press go and your meal is ready! This dish makes a ton of sauce so it’s perfect for the whole family or meal prep. about…

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Instapot Chicken Alfredo

Instapot chicken alfredo is HEAVEN!!!! Holy cow this dish is absolutely incredible! I cannot believe how quick and easy it is to cook in a pressure cooker! I modified my classic alfredo dish (that you all have been LOVING lately) and turned it into a pressure cooker version! This was voted my new top dish…

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Creamy Chicken Alfredo

I love a good, creamy sauce over my pasta so I made a healthier one. My creamy chicken Alfredo is so rich, so creamy, and so delicious!! This dish will be devoured by everyone! I will link my instapot version below 1 heaping cup per serving

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Chicken Parm Pizza

LOW CARB PIZZA!? Who knew!? Only 100 calories and 1 WW point per slice!! I’ve been seeing chicken parm pizza all over the internet but I wanted to put my healthy Allie Carte spin on it. And hey, eating pizza on a diet? Sounds like a good day to me!! You all have been absolutely…

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Chicken Parm

New and improved chicken parm recipe! And seriously, this tastes BETTER than your favorite Italian restaurant. I absolutely love making chicken parm. It’s on my menu all the time! It’s easy to make and always tastes extremely delicious. And look at that cheese! Perfection!!

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My homemade bolognese is an easy sauce to whip up for your pasta. I usually make mine with 99% lean ground turkey but it can be made with pretty much any meat you can find (ground chicken, ground beef or sausage, for added points). You can also skip the meat and make my homemade zero…

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Homemade Tomato Sauce

One of my most useful dishes is my homemade tomato sauce. It’s an amazing replacement for sauce on pizza, in pasta or as a dipping sauce! Why do I love it so much? It tastes fantastic and is zero points. It’s the best way to reduce your daily points while still enjoying all the foods…

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