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Sweet and Spicy Asian Pasta

This meat is my absolute favorite thing to make lately! I cannot get enough of it so I decided to change it up a bit and turn it into a creamy pasta!! The sweet and spicy flavors of this meat combine together perfectly with the creamy pasta for one amazing dish. You seriously need to…

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Tuscan Chicken

Enjoy this perfectly cooked, deliciously seasoned chicken, topped with a rich, creamy and veggie packed sauce. A super simple chicken dish to whip up for dinner. Perfectly paired with some sun-dried tomatoes and some rice or pasta!

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Cheeseburger Stuffed Peppers

Cheeseburger Stuffed Peppers: Everything you know and love about a cheeseburger, now low carb and packed with veggies! The tastes and textures of this dish are truly incredible, I could eat it everyday. So rich, so creamy, so delicious, I am always wanting more. I topped mine off with some pickles and jalapeños for a…

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Bacon Burger Mac and Cheese

You know it, and boy do you LOVE IT, and now it has stepped up a notch, it’s my BACON BURGER MAC AND CHEESE!! This has become one of my most popular recipes and it’s clear why. It’s packed with protein, rich, creamy and insanely delicious. Bowls, forks and pots are licked CLEAN when this…

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Feta Tomato Spinach Pasta

FETA TOMATO PASTA! Another TikTok made me do it special! Have you tried the viral feta tomato pasta trend?? I am never letting this trend die, sorry. It is too good to not keep enjoying. This time, I added some spinach into the mix and paired it with some chickpea pasta for a truly amazing…

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Chicken Parm Pasta

Chicken Parm Pasta is everything you love about a classic chicken parm, all in one dish! The homemade tomato sauce has a perfect flavor to it, combined with a seriously delicious, buttery chicken and a fun pasta shape! On top is a crunchy, cheese-y coating that will have you asking for more! A super fun…

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Sticky Garlic Chicken

Here’s an AMAZING marinade and sauce recipe with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen! This is a highly requested recipe by all my friends and family and you have to find out why for yourself. You’ll be devouring this chicken!! The flavor is absolutely amazing! I know it gets tricky when tracking marinades, I…

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Big Mac and Cheese

No need to hit the drive-thru when you can have my BIG MAC AND CHEESE. All the flavors of a Big Mac, mixed with mac and cheese! Rich, creamy and oh so delicious. Not a day goes by where I do not absolutely crave one of my Mac and cheese dishes, from hamburger to pizza…

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Hibachi at Home

I think I forgot how much I truly love hibachi and any takeout because this was one of the greatest dishes I have ever devoured. My husband said it tasted like it literally came straight from a hibachi restaurant and he does not take that lightly. He is still raving about this amazing teriyaki chicken.…

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Copycat KFC Bowls

I was a little skeptical about making these copycat KFC bowls, a lot of different flavors coming together, but WOW these were so good!!! I decided to make my own light gravy and mashed potatoes and use some chicken nuggets from the freezer. The corn on top was perfectly sweet and added so much depth…

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