Oh Target, what can I possibly not say about Target. There is literally no better place on the entire planet than a Target. Prove me wrong, try it. They have always been top notch but lately they have STEPPED UP their game!! We will only talk about food here but they have the best clothes, home decor, random stuff. ALL IN ONE PLACE.

If you know me, you know I do my grocery shopping at Publix. You know, your everyday meat, veggies and whatever grocery haul. I live literally right above Publix and they are much better for everyday meal essentials. But Target has some great random finds, and that is what we will be talking about here.

Also, if you have not tried Target pickup, where have you been!!! That has been the greatest invention lately and I love it. You can order anything you want, if it is in stock, and it is ready in a couple minutes!! You just drive up and the app just KNOWS you are there and someone is basically waiting outside with your stuff. Truly magical.

Dinner Essentials:

I am not really sure what to call this category. They are just some random items that I keep stocked up in my cabinet.

Banza Pasta

This is pasta made from chickpeas. I am pretty sure it is gluten free as well. It tastes just like normal pasta. I do not believe it is any ‘healthier’, it has the same amount of points as normal pasta, it is just made with chickpeas. It does taste really great and they have fun shapes like bowties and tiny shells. I can’t get cool shapes at my Publix since it is a small and limited item store so I stocked on some here.

6 points for 2 ounces of dry pasta

90 Second Rice

I usually make my own rice but I like having some of this 90 second rice on hand in case I don’t want to cook. I love these packages and they come in so many varieties. I usually grab the long grain rice or a fun, flavored version.

They are 13-14 points per bag but I usually split that into 3 to 4 servings.

Mission Street Corn Tortillas

These are my absolute favorite tortillas ever! They taste really great and are pretty thick for being only one point each. I use them for tacos, quesadillas or pretty much anything. A great staple to have.

1 point each, 3 points for 3

Try out this recipe below which uses these tortillas.

Mini Fried Quesadillas
this dish makes 18 quesadillas, for 3 quesadillas per serving
Check out this recipe

Breakfast Essentials:

Now for some breakfast essentials, just really great products to have on hand for an easy breakfast.

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak cake has TONS of varieties. They are a protein pancake/waffle/whatever mix. Using Kodiak Cakes keeps me SO full for so long and it tastes really good. The normal flapjack mix is 5 points for a half cup. I grabbed the gluten free one.

6 points per half cup.

Try out the recipe below which uses this mix.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Waffles
thick and fluffy waflles with a hint of peanut butter and topped with chocolate chips
Check out this recipe

Dessert Finds:

Fun stuff that you can pick up at Target!

Yasso Bars

There are a couple flavors of these yasso bars but I picked up the mint chip. They are made from greek yogurt but they taste like real ice cream bars! I almost got the fudge brownie! Love that one. The salted caramel one is so good too.

4-5 points per bar

Archer Farms Ice Cream

This ice cream is so popular and is sold out all the time!! I scanned the ice cream freezers for so long and could not find any pints of this and then finally, behind some Talentino, I found one!! I have never tried this flavor but I am excited to give this a shot! The glazed donut is probably my favorite if you can find that. I also cannot do Halo Top ice cream because it makes me SO SICK but I love this version.

1/2 cup is 3 points.

Lily’s Baking Chips

For some reason, my Target sells ZERO Lily’s items. Which is crazy because I love them so much that I could keep them in business at my Target. I was getting my nails done and went to that Target that has literally everything and stocked up on my Lily’s. I always grab a ton of these baking chips. They are great for melting and creating a chocolate treat, great inside anything you bake, great to snack on, great for anything. They are big chocolate chips and taste completely normal for being no sugar added.

26 chips are 2 points.

Lily’s Peanut Butter Cups

These are so good!! I have to make sure I get one before I get home because my husband will just eat all of them. We are not huge peanut butter fans but when we find something peanut butter that we like, we go hard core. These are no exception, they are so good and the perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio. They come in milk and dark chocolate, I like both pretty equally but my husband likes the milk chocolate better so I grab those.

6 points for 2 cups.

Lily’s Chocolate Covered Caramels

I had never seen these before!! Are they actually new, it says new, but who knows what that means. Caramel is one of my favorite flavors so I was very excited to try this out. They were the first thing I grabbed when I got home and OMG they are good!!! Sticky, but hey, it’s caramel. They are very rich and filling too, I could only eat two. Super good and I will definitely be grabbing more.

5 points for 28 grams

Lily’s Chocolate Bars

These are good, I have had them before. I am just not really a chocolate bar person. I would much rather have the peanut butter cups or the caramels but I know lots of people like chocolate bars. They have a ton of varieties. This is the sea salt dark chocolate. They have salted almond milk chocolate, salted caramel milk chocolate and creamy milk chocolate at my Target.

6 points for an ounce

Skinny Dipped

I had these such a long time ago and completely forgot about them! They are almonds that are ‘skinny’ dipped in chocolate, meaning that they are not just full on chocolate with a little bit of almond inside. You still get all that chocolate taste, just not inches of it on your almond.

As I said, we are not crazy peanut butter fanatics but this peanut butter dark chocolate skinny dipped almond is AMAZING! These things are so freaking good, the flavor is phenomenal and you need to check them out.

They have other flavors, I like them all. These are great too, but the peanut butter is the best!!

6 points per ounce

Smash Mallow

I had heard of these from scrolling through TikTok and Instagram but my Target doesn’t have them so I never tried them. When I was over by another Target I stopped in to see if they had them. They had so man flavors, I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know which one to get! These was a toasted vanilla version, 4 points for 4 marshmallows. I did not go with these.

I went with these because they are chocolate covered. I actually had to go grab one while typing this because I was craving it so much. Let me show you what it looks like!

Not completely covered in chocolate, which is what I was expecting. More like 1/3 covered in chocolate. Even without all the chocolate, this was SO GOOD!! Love the flavors and the texture. They are not bad in size either. I usually just eat one at a time if I am craving something sweet.

6 points for 4 marshmallows.

Snack Essentials:

Boom Chicka Pop

You know it, you love it, it’s Boom Chicka Pop. They have so many varieties and flavors but I picked up this light kettle corn. It is 50% less fat and 15% less calories than regular kettle corn. I love kettle corn, one of my favorite popcorn flavors. But honestly, I just love popcorn, period. This one tasted slightly burnt, not sure if I had a bad bag or if that is how it is. I clearly did not care too much as I devoured a good portion of it!

4 points for 3.25 cups

Adult Essentials

Sorry kids, this section is for people aged 21 and up. Please do not continue if you do not qualify.

California Roots

I could talk about this wine like I am in the California Roots CULT. This is Target’s brand of wine and just like everything Target makes, it is amazing. My aunt used to make fun of me for drinking it, calling it “a headache in a bottle” but it is NOT. It is cheap, but good and does not give you a headache. I have tried other cheap store brands (sorry TJ) that do give me a headache and this one does not!

It tastes SO AMAZING. I seriously do not know how they do it. It is typically $5 but if you buy 5 of them, you get a discount making them $4.50 per bottle!!! How insane is that. Plus, the alcohol content is right up my alley. My favorite, Sauvignon Blanc is at a 13.5%!! If I am using my points on wine, it better have a good alcohol content. The Pinot Grigio is my second favorite. I always keep some Moscato stocked up too. I even like their sweet red blend and I am not a red girl. They also have a pink, tons of reds and now sangria!!

I could go on and on and on and on about this wine. I tell everyone and anyone about it. You need to check it out!

5 points for 5 ounces

That is it for now! Let me know if you have more suggestions!!


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