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Pepper alla Vodka Pasta

New favorite sauce alert!!! This pepper alla vodka pasta is absolutely amazing. All the flavors just mend together and form into a perfect, thick and creamy sauce. Think penne alla vodka, but with sun-dried tomatoes and a bell pepper! You would never even know!! This sauce has been my absolute favorite thing lately and I…

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Cajun Boil

My not-so-authentic but so so delicious take on the New Orleans Cajun Boil! This one is made in the Instant Pot and served with lots of chicken. Flavor is not sacrificed in this easy dinner! I find this to be a bit spicy but my husband wants even more spice and will top it off…

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Birria Tacos

Have you heard of Birria Tacos??? They have been all over TikTok and I have just been needing to try them! The flavors of these tacos are UNREAL, so worth the extra effort to create these. Grab your fork and knife, it’s going to get messy! 3 per serving

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Instant Pot Pork Carnitas

I tried Chipotle carnitas a couple weeks ago and I have been CRAVING them ever since. I decided to make my own, in the Instant Pot, and I have to say, I think I really nailed it. Chipotle has some competition. These pork carnitas were perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. They shred apart in such…

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Perfect Instant Pot Rice

Here we have it, the perfect Instant Pot Rice! I have been experimenting for weeks trying to get my rice to have the perfect texture in an Instapot and I finally nailed it. I am extremely picky when it comes to how my rice is cooked and I am finally pleased with how it turned…

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Instapot Easy Orange Chicken

Takeout at home is quick and healthy with my INSTAPOT EASY ORANGE CHICKEN! You all know I LOVE my fakeout takeout! This recipe takes easy to a whole new level! Just dump and press start and you have a whole takeout meal in one. It’s so easy to make when you want to whip up…

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