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Frosting Dip

I have the perfect frosting dip when you have a little sweet tooth! It is so delicious and you can make it any flavor that you want. I serve it with a couple pretzels for a salty taste too! Only two ingredients required! You can use any flavor Jello Pudding mix that you prefer. I…

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Hot Wing Dip

HOT WING DIP! But this is the WAY healthier version of it. I could seriously devour this entire thing. I’ve brought it to many tailgates and parties and people love this version more than the normal way! Serve it cold with some chips or vegetables. I usually use rotisserie chicken to make this because it’s…

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Zero Point Onion Dip

It has been a long, long time since I had one of my favorite things ever, French Onion Dip. I thought to myself, why, WW isn’t about restricting, it’s about enjoying the things you love, within your points. So I whipped up a zero-point version of my favorite dip and OH EM GEEE this was…

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This is the perfect sauce for anything taco related! Great for dipping, topping off tacos or rice bowls. Use mild, medium or hot salsa depending on what you like. This crema is amazing on my mini fried quesadillas

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Easter Peanut Butter Cups

Back again with some peanut butter cups, this time we’re using Lily’s chips, so they don’t melt when out of the freezer, and throwing in an Easter theme with some cute baskets and chicks!! These are one point each and have the most perfect texture and flavor to them. The outside is a perfect, thin…

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Charcuterie Dip

Looking for a low point way to enjoy your favorite appetizer. I got you covered! Charcuterie Dip is the perfect way to get in that cheesy goodness taste without sacrificing all your points. Rich and creamy!! I serve mine with garlic and herb Good Thins because they are very low point and really hit the…

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Immunity Protein Smoothie

Start your day with vitamins, herbs and minerals with built immune plus! It provides an incredibly strong defense for your immune system, which we all need right now. The flavors are absolutely insane and include options such as root beer float (how cool?!). I chose pomegranate green apple today for some added fruity flavors in…

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Jello Candied Grapes

I love having really good healthy alternatives to snack on. It makes it even better when the snack looks this pretty. Total holiday, snowball vibes, am I right!? These jello candied grapes are so good, especially frozen. We used them in our charcuterie board and they made the perfect addition! makes 48 grapes; 6 per…

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Healthy Peppermint Bark

What food screams the holiday season to you? For me it’s peppermint bark. You know that giant box from Costco they put out every year, yeah I could totally eat the whole thing. This year I won’t be tempted because I created the most delicious attentive. It’s filled with protein from the yogurt but still…

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