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Chicken Parm Dippers

Introducing CHICKEN PARM DIPPERS!! I love finding new and exciting ways to eat my favorite meals. These fun fries give you all the amazing tastes of chicken parm, in a fun, finger food way. A great meal for adults and kids. Serve it with my zero point tomato sauce, of course! Here is what you…

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Air Fried Corn Dogs

Two-point, 75 calorie CORN DOGS! A kid’s (and adult’s, let’s be honest) dream! These were pretty easy to make and were seriously SO GOOD. The crisp on the shell was amazing and I loved every moment of this dinner. Try this out, you will not regret it. Don’t they just look absolutely amazing!! What You…

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Chicken Fries

CHICKEN FRIES! Whether you are a kid or an adult, these chicken fries will sure to make you smile. They’re a fun, easy way to create a healthy meal your whole family will enjoy. I served my chicken fries with sugar free ketchup mixed with sugar free sweet thai chili sauce. HERE ME OUT.. it…

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Fried Pork Chops

How do you feel about pork? I used to be the biggest fan but I haven’t made it in forever!! I’m back on the pork chop train because this was fantastic. Just look at the crunch on these things! Irresistible and amazing!

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Fried Chicken Sandwich

Just look at this thing and tell me how amazing this would be!!! Onion rings! On a fried chicken sandwich!? I have been so into sandwiches lately and bringing them to the next level so what did I do? I combined about half my onion ring recipe with my fried chicken sandwich recipe and I…

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Air Fried Nuggets

I realized I have never really posted one of my core recipes. AIR FRIED NUGGETS! They are the base for so many of the recipes I make but they are always amazing on their own. I have tons of different dipping sauces that can be used as well. There is nothing better than being a…

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No Bread Garlic Bread

No bread garlic bread is the easiest thing to make and as you can tell, there’s no bread! Just take a smart bun, spray with ICBINB then top with minced garlic and cheese! I usually only eat one side at a time and it just really hits the spot!!! Use code ‘allie.carte.dishes’ to save money!…

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