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Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders

My fiancé and best friend are literally the biggest Nashville hot chicken critiques I have ever met! So, when I decided to get my foot into the Nashville hot chicken door, it had to be GOOD and lemme tell you, this stuff is GOOD. It is the perfect intense heat at first and then the…

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Sweet Fried Wings

The ULTIMATE boneless chicken wings, without all the points! This seriously tastes like you’re sitting at a your favorite sports bar, enjoying your favorite appetizer. This was so good, I can never stop at one serving! Pair it with my homemade healthy ranch!

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Carrot Bacon

HELLO CARROT BACON! Okay everyone stop what you are doing and make this!! Carrot bacon has been a huge trend lately but I think I completely nailed it!! This is the perfect way to get your veggies in. And honestly, doesn’t carrot bacon just sound SO good?? I use a mandoline to cut up the…

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Chicken Katsu Tacos

Chicken Katsu Tacos combine everything you love into one amazing dish. Fried chicken, topped with coleslaw and a semi-sweet special sauce! I served them in three mission corn tortillas (for three additional points).

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Orange Chicken

Takeout is my absolute favorite cuisine (yes, it is totally a cuisine). Nothing even compares. But when your favorite dishes are a million points (not an over exaggeration), what do you do!? Well, I made my own. And lemme tell you, I haven’t had takeout in years and I don’t even miss it. My orange…

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Sweet and Sour Chicken

I could easily label most of my recipes as my favorite but I think this one would truly be my absolute favorite. Sweet and sour chicken was always my favorite dish before beginning weight watchers. I used to get it every Sunday (ugh regrets). When I first started my new lifestyle, this was one of…

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Carrot Fries

These may look like just your average fries but guess what, they’re healthier and even more delicious! My air fried carrots are seriously so good that you’ll forgot about normal fries! And my secret sauce will leave you wanting even more! These are my Wing Stop flavor inspired fries, and wow so so good! add…

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