Weight Watchers Easter Guide

Here is my guide of all of my recipe that would be very Easter friendly. From breakfast to apps to dinner and dessert, here are all my recipes that I would make that day!

Check out these super cute peanut butter cup chicks I made!

Easter Peanut Butter Cups
The perfect crunchy, chocolate-y exterior with a sweet, creamy peanut butter interior
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I highly recommend starting the day off with some cinnamon rolls!! Cinnamon rolls just scream holiday and are the perfect family bonding dish. Form them into egg shapes and have your kids enjoy the treat.

Cinnamon Rolls
Prepare for a crisp exterior and warm, gooey interior
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Donuts would be such a fun treat! My dad used to pick up donuts every holiday morning for us to enjoy together. Try out these healthier donuts to stay on track while keeping up the spirit. You could even top them with some Easter sprinkles, Target had the cutest ones.

sprinkles not included and very not necessary
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If you are looking for something similar, yet not as sweet, try out my breakfast bagels. An easy meal to whip up and can be served with cream cheese or as a breakfast bagel.

Breakfast Bagels
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Another fun option is some Jello candied grapes! The perfect way to get your kids to eat some fruit and they look like eggs. Such a fun treat.

Jello Candied Grapes
makes 48 grapes; 6 per serving
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Obviously a cheese board is needed. When is a cheese board not needed. I have a step by step guide on how to make a WW friendly cheese board and what products to use.

How to Make a Weight Watcher Friendly Charcuterie Board
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If you want to pair the board with some cracker dip, I have an amazing charcuterie dip recipe. Savory, yet slightly sweet and the perfect little app to snack on.

Charcuterie Dip
1/8 cup servings
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My mom always makes hot wing dip! It is one of my family’s favorite appetizers. A couple years ago I made this healthy (zero-point) version and everyone loved this!

Hot Wing Dip
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Pair the hot wing dip or charcuterie dip with some of my homemade tortilla chips. Perfect way to portion control or get your kids involved in making something.

Homemade Tortilla Chips
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What do you usually eat for Easter dinner? I feel like my family always has something new and exciting to showcase. Here are just some ideas for a good, hearty dinner.

Salmon is a great holiday dish. Here are two of my versions.

Blackened Salmon
Check out this recipe
Balsamic-Glazed Salmon
Check out this recipe

We made this rotisserie chicken for Thanksgiving last year and it was a HIT. So moist and flavorful and the perfect dish to serve to stay on track.

Instapot Rotisserie Chicken
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Some of these fried pork chops would be great if you are doing a smaller, intimate Easter dinner.

Fried Pork Chops
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We will start with some veggie sides and get to some carb-y sides!

First HAS to be my candied carrot chips. These are the carrots that kids will ask for more of!! So addicting and so good. I made these for Christmas dinner last year and everyone devoured them.

Candied Carrot Chips
Check out this recipe

My second option would be crunchy crack broccoli. The recipes are very similar and these would work so well together. Another vegetable where your kids would want more! I made these last Christmas too and everyone loved them.

Crunchy Crack Broccoli
Check out this recipe

Carrot fries are a super fun way to eat carrot. More savory than the last two dishes, if you prefer that. Still super good and fun to eat. I love dipping them in my sauce!!

Carrot Fries
add fresh herbs and a squeeze of lime juice!
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Obviously you cannot have a holiday without a Mac and cheese!! A combo of a veggie side and a carb-y side would be my broccoli Mac and cheese. Leave out the chicken to make it more of a side dish. A great way for your kids to get in some broccoli.

Easy Broccoli Mac and Cheese
one heaping cup per serving
Check out this recipe

If you want a more classic Mac and cheese dish, try out my super simple, super delicious, two-ingredient Mac and cheese sauce. So rich and creamy and perfect to stay on track while still eating Mac.

Mac and Cheese!
the easiest way to make rich and creamy mac and cheese with limited ingredients
Check out this recipe

Potatoes are another really great side dish for a holiday. I absolutely love my roasted red potatoes.

Roasted Red Potatoes
Check out this recipe

You could also do some roasted radishes! They taste just like potatoes when they are cooked. Try even doing a half and half mixture!

Boiled Radishes
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